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December 2-5, 2018


Welcome to the EUROGIN International Congress Platform

On behalf of the EUROGIN organizing committee, I am pleased to welcome you to the EUROGIN International Congress Platform. It is an exciting moment for EUROGIN as it celebrates more than twenty years of progress in education about cervical cancer prevention. We are currently witnessing a remarkable story unfolding regarding the role of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection being recognized in the development of cervical cancer and the progress achieved in controlling the disease based on modern science and bio- technology to an extent of giving rise to the perspective of full control or even eradication of of this cancer.

The Pap smear has transformed cervical cancer from a leading killer to a rare disease but the poorest regions of the world still bear the brunt of the disease. Cervical cancer screening is now entering a new era where we will be measuring the causal viral infection, with its associated carcinogenic HPV types rather than pleomorphic cellular changes. While great progress is being made in developed countries, we must not forget that mortality due to cervical cancer remains alarmingly high among women in low-resource settings. Knowledge sharing and technology transfer through international co-operation is one of the most effective ways of overcoming this divide. I trust that EUROGIN will serve to reinforce and expand our ongoing effort to win the fight against cervical cancer.

This twenty-five years odyssey of discovery had its start with the isolation of the disease causing HPV, which was soon followed by the accumulation of epidemiological data demonstrating the major risk of cervical cancer attributed to high-risk HPV types and their oncogenic role in host cells. This was soon followed by the evidence establishing HPV16 and 18 as the leading candidates in the pathogenesis of cervical neoplasia. In 1991, new research started, accumulating evidence for another major concept: that cervical HPV infections and associated cervical cancer can be prevented by vaccination.

The demonstrated effectiveness of HPV vaccine opens a new era of great hopes, which will encompass new strategies for cervical cancer prevention based on synergic association of widespread vaccination and simplified screening, in turn leading to a new standard of care with the extraordinary perspective of potential eradication of the disease within the coming years.

This revolution will allow us to see in our lifetime the gradual but progressive dismantling of the barriers to the prevention of cervical cancer. EUROGIN conferences have become a major event for presenting cutting-edge research in basic, clinical, epidemiologic and behavioral science. As one of the most important conferences on human papillomavirus infection and cervical cancer prevention, it continues to foster multidisciplinary interactions that are vital to making critical discoveries. Our high-ranking scientific committee includes 90 members representing the diverse range of interests and scientific expertise that is required to develop an outstanding program. The great variety of session formats includes educational, plenary, scientific, clinical sessions, debates, workshops, free communications and poster sessions.

Furthermore, EUROGIN conferences promote public, academic, professional and government awareness of the vital importance of cervical cancer prevention science and it catalyzes coordinated, focused transdisciplinary research that promises to accelerate the reduction of cancer burden and mortality.

We hope that everybody will find plenty of food for thought in this structured concentration of knowledge and benefit from exchange of experience and sharing.

On behalf of the EUROGIN organizing committee I would like to extend my profound thanks to all of those who have worked so hard to make the meetings such special and relevant events.


J. Monsonego
Chairman of the Scientific Committee

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EUROGIN aims to provide up-to-the-minute information to healthcare professionals and specialists to improve their knowledge and to give them a better understanding of genital infections and cancers, diagnosis, screening and prevention. EUROGIN achieves this by:
* Organizing international congresses which provides a forum to present up-to-date information and current data to delegates, and to review progress in the understanding and treatment of genital infection and neoplasia;
* Promoting courses and workshops to review current clinical practice, new data and technical developments in cervical cancer screening technology and management;
* Preparing training sessions to encourage specialized centres to develop screening programmes;
* Coordinating and supporting consensus meetings and expert panels on issues encountered in everyday practice. These lead to recommendations for improvement of medical practices and optimum results in screening, prophylaxis and treatment, while taking into account financial resources;
* Organizing satellite symposia at major international conferences and encouraging the exchange of information with other specialist organizations in this field.

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