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December 2-5, 2018


EUROGIN Conference

The International Multidisciplinary Conference on Human papillomavirus and related Cancers

EUROGIN conferences have become major events for presenting cutting-edge research in basic, clinical, epidemiologic and behavioral science on human papillomavirus infection and related cancers. As one of the most important conferences on HPV infection and cervical cancer screening and prevention, it continues to foster multidisciplinary interactions that are vital to making critical discoveries.

Our high-ranking scientific committee includes most influential and innovative speakers in the field. Almost 150 members representing the diverse range of interests and scientific expertise that is required to develop an outstanding program. The great variety of session formats includes educational, plenary, scientific and clinical sessions, as well as debates, workshops, free communications and poster sessions. Furthermore, EUROGIN conferences promote public, academic, professional and government awareness of the vital importance of cervical cancer prevention science and it catalyzes coordinated and focused transdisciplinary research that promises to accelerate the reduction of cancer burden and mortality.

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EUROGIN Conference
The International Multidisciplinary Conference on Human Papillomavirus and related Cancers

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Excellence in evidence based scientific updates on HPV infection and related Cancers

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EUROGIN 2016 attendees' message
"We strongly support the immediate
reinstitution of HPV vaccination in Japan"

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