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Course I
From infection to diseases at different anatomic sites [ Content ]
240 € 290 €
Course II
New strategies & innovations in cervical cancer control [ Content ]
380 € 460 €
Course III
Management of HPV cervical diseases - the state of the art [ Content ]
300 € 360 €
Course IV
HPV-associated diseases in non-cervical sites - what the clinician schould know
[ Content ]
300 € 360 €
Course V
How to introduce HPV testing into primary screening? [ Content ]
300 € 360 €
Course VI
Surveillance and impact of HPV prophylactic vaccines in population: current picture
[ Content ]
390 € 470 €
Course VII
Immunotherapy of HPV-associated diseases [ Content ]
240 € 290 €
Course VIII
New challenges facing HPV 16 & 18 infection [ Content ]
240 € 290 €
Course IX
Moving from cyto to HPV-based primary screening - Mutualizing experiances / implementation issues [ Content ]
290 € 350 €
Course X
Management & control of HPV associated diseases - current knowledge and new horizons - a debate [ Content ]
Course XI
New insights in cervical cancer control [ Content ]
290 € 350 €
Course XII
Potential impact of the quadrivalent, bivalent and nonavalent HPV vaccines, and alternative HPV vaccination strategies [ Content ]
240 € 290 €
All Courses, Course I to Course XII 1100 € 1320 €

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Educational platform on Human Papillomavirus associated Cancers

EUROGIN is a platform on education, training, scientific research, expertise and networking on Human Papillomavirus and associated cancers in both genital and non-genital sites.

Started in 1993 as a conference where scientific progress and clinical practice converge, EUROGIN shares translational research with an international scientific community, aiming at accelerating the reduction of the burden of HPV related cancers and their mortality.

The EUROGIN Educational Platform on HPV associated cancers offers a high standard of scientific contents provided by top international experts allowing to extend knowledge and share experience, with the purpose of advancing science and translational research, as well as ensuring best clinical practice.

The platform offers 4 educational channels:

- International live conferences offering world class contents and cutting edge research in basic and clinical science

- EUROGIN Roadmaps: publications in free access to a collection of reviews dedicated to advanced research and best practices

- EUROGIN e-Congress, an online version of the best talks of EUROGIN meetings made available after the live events in order to reach
  a larger international audience

- EUROGIN multilingual e-learning training courses intended for clinicians and aimed to enhance knowledge and education in the field.

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