Welcome to the 2017 edition of the EUROGIN congress!

Holding the EUROGIN conference this year in Amsterdam delights us for several reasons. For thirty yearsThe Netherlands have been at the forefront of research on HPV and associated cancers. Among the pioneers in HPV research, the very dynamic Dutch teams have made major and continuing scientific contributions to early detection, prevention and basic research. It is also one of the first countries in the world that has implemented a comprehensive national HPV screening program. The robust scientific evidence provided by these teams confirms the cost effectiveness of risk-based screening and paves the way for the development of new strategies for the prevention of HPV-induced cancers. We are proud to highlight this scientific vitality and to pay tribute to this historic turning point which they brought.

The training program of this year’s conference is particularly rich with interesting options for all participants according to their particular professional interests or linguistic preference. 8 Clinical-scientific workshops are composed as follows:

- The HPV Immunization Workshop will address frequently asked questions including the impact of vaccine programs and guidance for parents and professionals

- The Workshop for Cervical Cancer Screening Coordinators and Evaluators will contribute to demonstrate rationale and concepts of quality assurance in modern cervical cancer screening and discuss barriers and solution models for implementation.
- The Colposcopy Course and the Course on Vulvar Diseases are aimed to improve knowledge and management of patients with HPV related diseases in daily practice.
- A full day local Workshop in Dutch will discuss current research on HPV associated ano genital disease and the recent developments in cervical cancer screening, prevention and management for both clinicians and research scientists
- The three other workshops in specific languages (French, Spanish and Portuguese) will develop these issues in the respective languages with a focus on the respective countries and regions, and call for action to improve the current situation.

The HPV and Head & Neck Forum will address the most recent data on the role of HPV infection in oropharyngeal cancers. International experts will highlight issues on risk, diagnosis, management, screening, and prevention in this field.

We will review the current epidemiologic efforts which focus on natural history of HPV infection, risk of transmission, screening for early cancer detection, as well as the potential impact of prophylactic HPV vaccines on the incidence of head and neck cancer. The clinical responses observed in immunotherapy trials in HPV-OPC patients, as well as the clinical results of other targeted therapies will be discussed. Recent progress on recurrent respiratory papillomatosis will also be presented.

The EUROGIN 2017 Congress aims at developing a full review of current scientific developments in the field of human papillomavirus related cancer and other diseases, raising the public health profile and increasing the need for responsible health services in this area. The event endeavors to translate scientific and evidence-based research into clinical practice while highlighting the following aspects:

- Recent advances and updated scientific insights in HPV screening, testing and management
- The impact of HPV and associated cancers on public health
- Strategies to prevent and treat HPV related diseases
- Exchanging information on early detection, new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and prevention strategies including screening and HPV vaccination Speakers include international leaders from academic, government and private organizations, representatives of medical and scientific societies,research scientists, clinicians as well as women's health associations who will discuss and exchange ideas on issues relevant to both individuals and public health during these 4 days, in 60 different scientific and free communications sessions.

As one of the most important conferences on human papillomavirus infection and related cancers, EUROGIN continues to foster multidisciplinary interactions that are vital to making critical discoveries. The high-ranking scientific committee includes members representing a wide range of interests and scientific expertise that are required to develop an outstanding meeting. The program also encompasses state-of-the art science on ano-genital and head & neck cancer, inspires collaboration and provides forums to share expertise and learn from the leading experts in these fields. The EUROGIN 2017 congress offers an excellent opportunity for learning and networking with professionals from many different disciplines and countries. We hope that every conference attendee will take full advantage of the program on offer.

To all of you, who have contributed to build this exciting program, I would like to underline how much we appreciate your efforts and commitment. I trust that we will continue to work towards achieving higher standards of practice.

We look forward to welcoming you at this stimulating and rewarding edition of EUROGIN in Amsterdam.

Sincerely yours,

Joseph Monsonego
Chairman of the Scientific Committee


EUROGIN (EUropean Research Organisation on Genital Infection and Neoplasia) brings together clinicians and scientists whose work is related to genital infections and neoplasia.