Forum on HPV and Head & Neck Cancer

Program Committee & Faculty

Program Committee

R. Brakenhoff Netherlands
T. Dalianis Sweden
C. Derkay USA
C. Fakhry USA
M. Gillison USA
A. Kreimer USA
J. Lacau St. Guily France
S. Syrjänen Finland
T. Waterboer Germany


Scientific Committee (Faculty)
(as of January 2017, to be completed)
All members of the Program Committee are also included in the faculty

L. Alemany* A. Kolk*
M. Arbyn L. Licitra
H. Berkhof R. Mehra
F. Buchinsky K. Melief
P. Campisi H. Mirghani
J.D. Combes M. Noordhuis*
S. de Sanjosé M. Pawlita*
E. Drecoll* A. Psyrri
A. D'Souza E. Rettig
S. Franceschi R. Schlegel
M. Goodman E. Tartour
C. Götz* S. Van der Burg
H. Haughey* M. Welters

* to be confirmed


EUROGIN (EUropean Research Organisation on Genital Infection and Neoplasia) brings together clinicians and scientists whose work is related to genital infections and neoplasia.