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Vulvar Diseases Course

8.30 - 12.00Coordinator: J. Bornstein
  The satellite course on vulvar disease has been designed for clinicians who currently treat or diagnose women with cervical and vaginal disease. The faculty will discuss current knowledge of vulvar benign and premalignant disease, from various aspects: pathophysiology, clinical features, histological appearance, and treatment. Common and difficult cases will be presented and discussed .
  Introduction J. Bornstein Israel
  Vulvar pain, etiology and diagnosis J. Bornstein Israel
  Benign HPV lesions: diagnosis and treatment G. Gross Germany
  VIN - diagnosis, terminology M. Sideri Italy
  VIN - prevention and treatment E. Joura Austria
  Vulvar carcinoma - current treatment M. Roy Canada
  Vulvar pain: surgical and non-surgical treatments J. Bornstein Israel
  Psycho-sexual aspects of vulvar disease M. Steben Canada
  Summary and close