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Best Practices in Publishing Clinical and Public Health Research


Satellite Short Course during the EUROGIN Congress in Prague
Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Instructor: Dr. Eduardo L. Franco, James McGill Professor, Departments of Oncology and of Epidemiology; Interim Chair, Department of Oncology, and Director, Division of Cancer Epidemiology, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

The objectives of this short course are:

1) to provide an overview of principles of good scientific practice as applied to research on human subjects;
2) to discuss elements of scientific reasoning that are used in clinical and public health research and mentorship;
3) to discuss the process of research communication and publishing;
4) to discuss the key features that enhance the quality of a paper and its value to the scientific community;
5) to discuss rules of authorship, strategies to avoid conflict, criteria to select journals, and issues to be avoided.

Instruction will be via interactive lecture to take advantage of students' own experiences as authors; emphasis on issues pertaining to study design, ethics, data analysis, scientific integrity, and strategies of communicating and interpreting results of clinical and public health research.

This course is intended for public health practitioners, epidemiologists, and other clinical researchers in the early stages of their careers or those who are switching from clinical or public health practice to research. Public health practitioners and policymakers may also find the contents valuable in understanding the process of scientific research and publishing. Researchers whose mother tongue is not English may find the course particularly helpful in assisting them to navigate the process of preparing, submitting, and revising manuscripts for publication in international biomedical journals.

Note about the instructor:

Dr. Franco has extensive experience as an author, editor, and overseeing the publication process in epidemiology and clinical research in oncology. He has published over 340 scientific articles, 50 chapters, and two books on cancer epidemiology and prevention. He has served as Guest Editor for nine journal supplement issues on the topic of his research (cancer epidemiology and prevention). He has served in the editorial board of the following journals: American Journal of Epidemiology (1993-98); Cancer Detection and Prevention (2001-08), Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention (1995-); Epidemiology (1993-2009), International Journal of Cancer (2009-11), Medical and Pediatric Oncology (2000-04), Oral Diseases (2005-), PLoS-Medicine (2004-), Preventive Medicine (2008-) among other journals. He has also served as ad hoc manuscript reviewer for dozens of other biomedical journals.

His awards and distinctions include: Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (2011); McLaughlin-Gallie Award, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (2011); Lifetime Achievement Award of the American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (2010), Honourary President, EUROGIN Congress, Monaco (2010), Women in U.S. Government’s Presidential Leadership Award (2008), EUROGIN Society’s Distinguished Services Award (2006), Canadian Cancer Society’s Harold Warwick Prize in cancer control research (2004), Medical Research Council of Canada’s Distinguished Scientist Award (2000), Educational Excellence at McGill University (2000), and twice Montreal's "Ambassadeur" (2000, 2007).