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HPV and Head & Neck Forum

Program Coordinators:
J.L. Lefebvre (France), H. Mehanna (UK)

Program Committee:
A. Chaturvedi (US), M. Gillison (US), J. Lacau St. Guily (France),
J.L. Lefebvre (France) H. Mehanna (UK), S. Syrjänen (Finland), M. Tommasino (France)

Oropharyngeal cancer is one of the fastest rising cancers in many countries. This has been attributed to the rise in HPV- head and neck cancer. This new disease entity appears to have significantly better survival outcomes. However, important questions arise regarding its natural history, diagnosis, patient counselling and the best management regimens.

Sunday, July 8


A training course on fundamentals on HPV infection and cancer runs from 8.30 to 17.30.
This course deals with all fundamentals of HPV infection and related diseases.
A 90-minute section of the course (16.00 – 17.30) will focus on anus, head&neck and skin.

16.00 - 17.30 MTC2 - HPV infection & associated diseases in non-cervical sites: facts and figures
Chair: Stina Syrjänen (Finland)
(Among other presentations:)
  • The HPV cause of head and neck cancers: epidemiology, burden and new developments
  M. Gillison USA

Monday, July 9


8.00 - 9.30 MSS1 - HPV associated diseases in non-genital human cancers: new challenges
Chair: M. Gillison – K. Syrjänen
  • Keynote lecture: HPV-associated cancers - a growing problem?
  M. Stanley UK
  • HPV and oropharyngeal cancer: current knowledge
  L. Licitra Italy
  • Current management of head & neck cancer
  H. Mehanna UK
  • The role of papillomavirus infection in skin cancer development
  J.N. Bouwes-Bavinck The Netherlands
  • HPV, oesophagus & lung: what evidence?
  K. Syrjänen Finland
  • The significance of HPV in the colon & rectum
  L. Lorenzon Italy
9.30 - 11.00 MSS2 - HPV vaccines – update and perspectives
Chair: J. Paavonen – M. Stanley

14.00 - 17.00


Seminar 1: HPV and head & neck cancer

  • The burden of head & neck cancer and the changing risk factors
  J.L. Lefebvre France
  • The epidemiology and burden of HPV-oropharyngeal cancer
  H. Mehanna UK
  • Molecular carcinogenesis of HPV+ve and HPV-ve head and neck cancer
  R. Brakenhoff The Netherlands
  • Effect of HPV on survival in head & neck cancer
  M. Gillison USA
  • The epidemiology of oral HPV infection, the transmission issue and what it means for the patient and their spouse
  S. Syrjänen Finland
  • The potential value of screening & vaccination
  A. Chaturvedi USA
  • Biological correlates of HPV positivity in cervical and oropharyngeal HPV tumors
  M. Gillison USA
  • Prognostic factors of HPV positive cases and serological markers in follow-up
  J. Klozar Czech Republic
  • The challenges of prospective research in oropharyngeal cancer
  H. Mehanna UK
  • Therapeutic vaccination in HPV head & neck cancer – fact or fiction?
  S. Pai USA
1. What are the available treatments for HPV head & neck
    a. Surgical treatment options for oropharyngeal cancer (Open surgery and transoral laser or robotic surgery)
  J.L. Lefebvre France
    b. Chemoradiotherapy
  L. Licitra Italy
2. Diagnostic clinical service for HPV head & neck cancer
    a. Setting up a diagnostic service for HPV – head & neck cancer
  T. Dalianis Sweden
    b. Pitfalls in the diagnosis of HPV in head & neck cancer
  P. Snijders The Netherlands
3. Screening for oral and oropharyngeal cancer
  R. Sankaranarayanan France
  J. Lacau de St. Guily


Tuesday, July 10


14.00 - 15.00 MSS7 - EUROGIN 2012 Roadmap
Cervix and head & neck HPV associated cancers
Towards comparative insights

This consensus conference is organized in cooperation between EUROGIN and the other scientific societies to establish a consensus on the impact of HPV infections on clinical practice related to cancers in the various relevant sites
1. Epidemiologic comparison of cervical cancer and HPV-associated head and neck cancer
  • Similarities and differences in the epidemiology of HPV infection (cervical vs. oral)
  A. Chaturvedi USA
  • Similarities and differences in the epidemiology of cancer
  X. Castellsagué Spain
  • Similarities and differences between cancer of the cervix and the upper aerodigestive tract
  S. Franceschi France
2. Molecular comparison of cervical cancer and HPV-associated head and neck cancer
  • Mechanisms of carcinogenesis
  M. Tommasino France
  • What HPV types should be considered high-risk/oncogenic? Type-specificity of cancer risk
  M. Goodman USA
3. Comparison of clinical and prevention aspects of cervical cancer and HPV-associated head and neck cancer
  • Clinical value of testing for HPV infection and additional markers
  P. Snijders The Netherlands
  • Potential for primary and secondary prevention through HPV vaccination and screening
  M. Gillison USA


15.30 - 16.30 SS5 - Emerging issues in head & neck cancers
Chair: J. Lacau de Saint Guily – L. Licitra
  • Incidence and risk factors for head and neck cancer and cervical cancer among HIV-infected individuals in North America
  G. D'Souza USA
  • HPV serology and head & neck cancers: new evidence
  M. Pawlita Germany
  • Differences in the epidemiology and risk factors of HPV+ and HPV-ve head and neck cancers
  A. Chaturvedi USA
  • Differences between HPV+ve and HPV-ve head and neck cancers at the molecular level
  J. Brakenhoff The Netherlands
  • Are we encountering an HPV epidemic of OSCC – the Stockholm – data
  T. Dalianis Sweden
  • Treatments for HPV+ vs HPV-ve disease – should they be different?
  L. Licitra Italy


17.00 - 19.15 FC 10 - New challenges in HPV associated head & neck cancers
Chair: A. Psyrri – T. Dalianis
  • Molecular biology of HPV-associated HNSCC
  A. Psyrri Greece
  • Incidence of HPV induced oropharyngeal cancer in Spain and its prognostic significance
  Cerezo Spain
  • HLA class I expression and tumor infiltrating CD8+ and FoxP3+ T-cells in HPV+/- tonsillar cancer in relation to disease free survival
  T. Ramqvist Sweden
  • Is HPV16 detection in cervical lymph nodes of oropharyngeal cancer a marker of metastases?
  H. Mirghani France
  • Demographic differences in the prevalence of oral HPV in U.S. adults; cross sectional analysis of NHANES 2009-2010
  E. Velasco USA
  • HPV status alters the miRNA expression in tonsillar cancer
  E. Garnaes Denmark
  • Comparative miRNA profiling in human papilloma virus related head & neck and cervical cancer
  C. Lajer Denmark
  • Validation of a novel diagnostic standard in HPV positive oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma
  A. Schache UK
  • HPV detection by PCR in suspected tonsillar lesions: smear-biopsy agreement
  B. Vairel France
  • Oral mucosa exfoliated cells for HPV typing by SPF10 in head and neck cancer
  P. Morbini Italy
  • Human papillomavirus infection and p16INK4a/Ki-67 co-expression in the head and neck squamous epithelium
  E. Prigge Germany
  • HPV/p16INK4a status in squamous cell carcinomas of the oral cavity
  M. Reuschenbach Germany
  • HPV infection in squamous cell carcinomas arising from different mucosal sites of the head and neck region. Different significance of p16 immunohistochemistry
  F. Bussu Italy
  • HPV genotyping in head & neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) and pre-neoplastic oral lesions (OPL) by SPF10 LiPA assay
  E. Silini Italy
  • Prognostic factors including role of HPV in early oropharyngeal carcinomas
  G. Psychogios Germany
  • HPV prevalence and relation to tobacco and alcohol in HNSCC in North-East Italy
  A. Del Mistro Italy